If you have any questions or would like our assistance, please feel free to contact us. Upon receiving an email, call, or visit, we will assign a knowledgeable caseworker from the relevant division to help you!

SAO has virtual office hours 10am-12pm on weekdays which you can access by clicking this button. You can also come to Eshleman 412B from 12pm-5pm on weekdays for our in-person office hours.

Please fill out this form to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have, or to open a case. A caseworker will get in contact with you within three business days. If your case is urgent (see below), please mark it urgent and we will be in contact with you within twenty-four hours.


SAO uses the following definitions for urgent cases. If you do not meet the criteria below, you will likely be contacted within three business days. Even if your case is not considered urgent, we advise that you include any deadlines/timelines you are aware of so that we can assign a caseworker who can accommodate your timeline.


  • You have experienced a personal emergency and require academic accommodations for class requirements within 72 hours 
  • Other academic-related issues that require immediate resolution within the next 72 hours due to your being at risk of failure


  • Your deadline to submit a Faculty Disposition Form or Alleged Violation Letter is within 72 hours 
  • You will be attending an informal or formal hearing for their case within 72 hours 


  • You require DSP accommodations for an exam/essay/assignment within that week
  • You require housing accommodations, the lack of which is impacting the your mental health or ability to live in your current housing — with priority to students who are living on campus
  • Any situation in which sexual violence/sexual harrassment is the main grievance


  • You will be unhoused or lose access to basic needs (electricity, food, etc.) in 72 hrs or less.
  • The deadline for a billing or financial process is within 72 hrs or less.
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