Dismissal and Academic Probation 
If a student earns less than a 2.0 grade point average in any one semester, the University will notify the student of their changed status from Good Standing to Academic Probation. Terms of Academic Probation vary slightly between the Colleges. However, most commonly a student must earn higher than a 2.0 and earn zero F grades in the following semester to be removed from Academic Probation. If these terms are not met and the student earns less than a 2.0 and/or any F grades in the next semester, it is likely that they will be dismissed from the University.

In order to appeal the dismissal, students must either successfully appeal individual grades that significantly affect their final standing, or negotiate their standing with the Academic Advisor or Student Affairs Officer.

Dropping a class/changing a grading option after the Deadline 
The drop deadline for most colleges is the Friday of the second week of the semester for impacted courses, and the Friday of the fifth week for all other courses. After this deadline you can no longer add or drop classes, nor change variable units in a class. The deadline to change your grading option is the Friday of the tenth week.

It is possible to petition the University to retroactively change your status in a class after either deadline. However, these petitions are usually unsuccessful in cases that do not involve serious unexpected circumstances – such as a significant health problem. In addition, the petition process varies between the Colleges. If you would like to petition the University for a retroactive drop or change to your grading option, please stop by 204 Eshleman for further assistance.

Though Telebears may be considered a foolproof system to manage your class schedule, every so often a systemic glitch will lead to changes that you may not be aware of until it is too late.

Check Telebears often and print a hard copy of your final schedule to prevent later problems. If you find that your schedule has been changed without your knowledge or approval, visit the Registrar’s office immediately.

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