If you are planning to participate in a protest*, whether on or off campus, it is important to be aware of your rights. Below are some protestor rights infographics created by the SAO team that can serve as an important reference — we hope that reading through these resources and others before engaging in a protest will ensure that you remain safe and that your voice is heard.

Before your protest:

  1. Click here for some general protestor know-how.
  2. Here’s a more concise summary of protestor rights and responsibilities.
  3. There may be teargas at your protest. Click here for a teargas prevention and treatment infographic.

Filing post-protest police complaints:

  1. Here’s an infographic on how to file a complaint with the Berkeley or Oakland Police Departments.
  2. The process for a UCPD complaint is a bit different. Here’s an outline of how it works.

Please stay safe, and as always, reach out to our office if you have university related concerns regarding protesting.

*This post is solely meant to provide information and resources to students. It does not serve as an endorsement of any particular protest or political movement, whether on or off campus.