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What is SHIP?

All students enrolled in the University of California system are required to have health insurance that meets a set criteria. Students are automatically enrolled in SHIP, but can waive out with their own insurance if it meets the criteria. Berkeley SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) is the health care plan offered by UC Berkeley to enrolled students. While many students choose to keep their current insurance, SHIP is a comprehensive health insurance plan that is a great choice for many students.

Important Dates

2023-2024 Waiver Deadlines:

  • July 17: Last day to submit a Berkeley SHIP waiver without incurring a late fee for Fall Semester / 2023-2024 Academic Year
  • July 18 – August 15: Any waivers submitted during this period will result in a $75 late fee.
  • August 15: Final date to file a waiver. No waivers accepted after this date.

Periods of Coverage:

  • Fall semester: August 15 – December 31 
  • Spring semester: January 1 – July 31
  • Registered Berkeley students who enroll in SHIP for the Fall and Spring semesters have year-round health insurance coverage.

Waiving Out of SHIP

Still deciding on whether to waive out of SHIP?

If you would like to waive out of SHIP:

If your waiver is denied:

Waivers can be denied for several reasons:

  • The waiver form was not completed correctly, or is incomplete.
  • Your commercial or government-sponsored insurance does not meet the required minimum health insurance benefit levels established by UC Berkeley.
  • Your waiver form was submitted after the deadline.

If you feel there has been an error in your waiver denial, you may submit an appeal.

  1. Your appeal must be submitted within ten (10) days of the date of notice of denial. Appeals received after the ten-day grace period will not be considered. Enclose a copy of your Waiver Application Denial with your appeal.

  2. Appeals will be considered for the current term only. Waivers granted on appeal will NOT be applied to any previous school term.

  3. Evaluation of your appeal will be based on comparability guidelines in effect at the time of the original waiver application.

If your waiver application was denied because you missed the final waiver application deadline for Fall, DO NOT FILE AN APPEAL. Appeals will not be considered for students missing the waiver deadline.

Taxes & SHIP

Click here for information Taxes, 1095b tax form & SHIP.

Potential ACA Reform

Click here for the UHS’s Statement on Potential Affordable Care Act (ACA) Repeal.

If you have any further questions or concerns, reach out to:

The Student Health Insurance Office at (510) 642-5700, email your questions to ship@berkeley.edu, or currently enrolled students can send a secure message to the SHIO office via the eTang patient portal.

If you would like additional assistance regarding SHIP, completing waiver appeals, or billing, the ASUC Student Advocate’s Office provides free and confidential peer advising. You can call us at (510) 642-6912 or email us at help@berkeleysao.org.

Berkeley SHIP Waiver Tips

SHIP Waiver Tips from ASUC SAO

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