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Cost of Attendance Adjustment Requests (formerly known as Budget Appeals)

If your school expenses are greater than the amount the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office determines as the standard student budget, then you may appeal for an increased budget. To do this, you must document the need for an increased budget, such as increased rent or living expenses  Read more about the Cost of Attendance Adjustment Requests here.

Student Contribution Appeals

If you have experienced a significant change in the financial resources available to you, you can appeal to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for change your Expected Student Contribution. The following circumstances are considered for a Student Contribution Appeal: Loss of employment, reduction in earnings, medical costs not covered by insurance, death of a spouse, or legal separation or divorce. Access the Student Contribution Appeal form here.

Parent Contribution Appeals

If there is a significant change in your parent(s) income since the previous year, you may appeal to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to change the Expected Parental Contribution. Appeals can be made on the basis of increased family medical expenses, loss of employment, or reduced income for the upcoming year. Access the Parent Contribution Appeal form here.

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