Filing a complaint with UCPD initiates an internal investigation process and guarantees that your complaint will be responded to. A complaint may be made at any time in the day or night to any police department employee and will be referred to the Duty Supervisor. The procedure for filing a complaint and the complaint form can be found on the UCPD’s website at: http://

Keep in mind that complaints must be made within 30 calendar days from the date of the alleged incident or 90 calendar days after the alleged incident for sexual harassment allegations.

To effectively submit a UCPD complaint, follow these steps:
1. Go to the UCPD Records Unit at #1 Sproul Hall (Phone 510-642-6760) and get a copy of the incident report. This is a report made by the responding officer/s with details regarding the incident. Knowing what the official record shows will help you in disputing details or highlighting inappropriate action by the officer/s. NOTE: UCPD does not allow SAO caseworkers to retrieve this report on your behalf.

2. Get the name of the officer/s who responded to the incident. This is normally on the violation you received or incident report. If you do not have either of these papers, go to the UCPD office at #1 Sproul Hall to find out which officer/s responded.

3. Get the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident.

4. Write a statement describing your complaint. You can access the complaint form here: or obtain the form at any of the following locations:

  • The Police Review Board in care of Kathleen Moore, Office of the Vice Chancellor-Administration, 200 California Hall, 642-3100
  • UCPD, #1 Sproul Hall, 642-6760 or
  • ASUC Student Advocate, 204 Eshleman Hall, 642-6912
  • LEAD, 102 Hearst Gym | Hours M-F: 9am-5pm | Phone: 510-642-5171 | Email: l, 642-5171
  • Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, 2111 Bancroft Way, Suite 300
  • Office of Community Relations, 2130 Center Street, 643-5299

Tips for writing your statement:

Type your response.  Although space is provided on the complaint form, typing your statement will make it easier to read and allow you to expand your response.
Provide background for the incident. Officers don’t know what happened before they arrived on scene, so explaining the events leading up to the reported incident will help give context.
Give details. The officer/s incident reports may leave out important details that support your version of the incident. Make sure to provide these in your statement.
Explain how you were harmed. Be concise about the specific harm that was done to you by the UCPD officer/s. Using bullet points or bolding the separate harms caused will make them easier to catalog.
Avoid using inflammatory or angry language. This may take a lot of willpower to do, but it will help highlight that you were treated unfairly and have a legitimate complaint to make.

5. File the complaint at any of the locations listed above.

Additional Assistance:

1. Feel free to contact the Student Advocate’s Office if you would like guidance or assistance on submitting a UCPD complaint. You will be assigned a caseworker from the Grievance Division who will help you.
2. You may also contact the OMBUDS Office for informal resolutions (appointments must be made by calling 510-642-5754, no drop-ins).

3. You may also contact Student Legal Services, by appointment or drop in at #102 Sproul Hall (510-642-5171). The Attorney for Students advises currently registered students regarding their legal questions, rights, and obligations.

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